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The CMI Industries Group takes to Düsseldorf the 2016 news of INNOVA HT brand: EVOLUTA, the system which revolutionizes the Coating & Lamination market standard.

INNOVA HT will take part in Drupa 2016, to be held in Düsseldorf from May 31st to June 10th, with EVOLUTA, the system to that aims to revolutionize the market with a new technological concept. Born from the constant R&D activity of a specialized world-class professionals team in the packaging industry, this revolutionary system stands out from the market standards because of:

- High automation rate, resulting in production advantages in terms of speed and ease of use.
- Innovative digital systems which allow to manage simultaneously several processes, improving the efficiency and optimizing the function.
- Flexibility and modularity, shaped on the specific needs of each converter, allowing to create each time a tailored machine.
- Just-in-time productivity, with fast changeover proceedings, without the need to stop the production, even for small batches of materials.
- Sustainability, thanks to integrated systems of recovery and reducing of energy consumption.

The loading and unloading of the reels is fully automated through a system detecting the diameter of the reels and picking them from a ground support by means of a shaft less tool. The machine can be equipped with a vertical automatic reels changeover system and with an integrated system of guided trucks laser. EVOLUTA allows the automatic control of the dosing of the adhesive quantity without the problematic manual operator involvement. Even the spreader units cleaning can be done automatically through an automated or robotic system. EVOLUTA applies Bosch Rexroth automation systems, a strategic partner for INNOVA HT that contributes to the excellence of the result.

The EVOLUTA completely closed and not accessible system guarantees the safety of the operator during the process. The control of the lamination process is allowed by three external colored touch screen panels and three cameras inside the machine. Through an intelligent interface is possible to control the process, to solve any problem, to transfer data, even ask for the INNOVA technical assistance in remote mode.

EVOLUTA integrates the lamination device with the press rising and can work different types of coating. The machine can be integrated within flexographic, gravure and both digital and inkjet full printing lines, thanks to the possibility of adding high-resolution inkjet types of digital color groups. Moreover, thanks to the high flexibility of its technology, EVOLUTA is able to satisfy different needs in different industries: from the Food & Beverage to Electronics, from Green Technologies to Medical and many others.
The EVOLUTA project of INNOVA HT is the perfect synthesis of CMI Industries Group philosophy: “CMI Industries has a mission” says Franco Comoli, Group CEO, “to be always INNOVAtive to be able to anticipate the future market needs, with flexibility and always to improve the quality of products and of operations”.


INNOVA HT is the CMI Industries Group division created to design and to implement innovative solutions for the Coating & Lamination, with a range of systems that brings a technological jump that breaks with tradition.

Thanks to a specialized team of world-class professionals in the packaging and press industry, INNOVA HT is taking the chance to offer an alternative to the high standardization of the traditional lamination lines able to meet the typical qualitative and innovative criteria of the company. That’s why EVOLUTA has born, a system that goes beyond the industry standards through a new and innovative technological concept: modularity, just-in-time productivity, high automation rate and attention to sustainability for satisfying different needs in different industries as Packaging, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Green Technologies, Aerospace, Automotive, Labelling, Medical e more over.