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Why us

INNOVA HT: producing today with a view to tomorrow’s outlook

In the large “coating & lamination” panorama, EVOLUTA is unrivaled. It’s characterized by absolute modern concept, thinking about the future development of your work.
Flexibility, multi-functionality and expandability are the concepts we rely on to give you a
system predisposed to changes in type and flow, always with top performance.

Partner’s reliability is measured at each business stage: from  rst meeting to facing unexpected events, this is why INNOVA-HT boosts performance by improving your ef ciency and pro tability. INNOVA-HT provides you with “Well-Done”Service: the solution that goes beyond repair or spare parts supply.

Once our systems become a part of your plant, you will have real time support of professionals able to respond to your requests. Staff training and upkeeping plan estimating are meant to reduce direct assistance and inherent downtime.


What we do

Whatever your product may be, we manufacture machines and systems complementing each other, for the processing of plastic films, paper, cardboard, aluminum, textile.

Modular lines of coating & lamination for printing, flexo, gravure and digital
Duplex, triplex, multilayer lamination with different coating & lamination technologies
Curing UV/EB with integrated compact and convenient systems
Traditional coating with adhesives and/or water-based solvent varnishes

And also...

• Coating for all solar cells, including transparent ones
• Coating & lamination for Lithium-ion cells
• Special nanotechnology coating
• Silicon coating (water, solvent, UV)
• Coating for primer and release
• Narrow masking tape and adhesive tape
• Heat seal
• Hot melt & wax
• Holographic multi-layer fi lm
• Polarized fi lm & selective fi lters
• Modular systems of embossing, cutter, creasing in line

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